How to know early if you are pregnant or not ?

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What is pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the time during which offspring develops within uterus. It occurs when an ovum is fertilized by a sperm, grows inside the uterus, and develops into a baby. During pregnancy, it is necessary to look after an expert gynecologist for better followups and delivery.

What are the signs and symptoms of pregnancy?

First trimester (First 12 weeks)

Subjective symptoms in early pregnancy are:

Missed period (Amenorrhea) during the reproductive period in a healthy individual with previous normal menstrual periods is likely due to pregnancy.

Morning sickness (Nausea & vomiting): It is inconsistently present more often in the first pregnancy than in subsequent pregnancy. It appears soon following the missed period & rarely lasts beyond 16 weeks.

expert gynecologists

Increased frequency of micturition: During the 8th-12th week frequency of micturition increases.

Breast discomfort: In early 6th-8th week especially in first time pregnant women, breast discomfort in the form of a feeling of fullness & pricking sensation is present.

Fatigue: May occur in early pregnancy.

Second trimester (13-28 weeks)

Subjective symptoms are: The subjective symptoms such as nausea, vomiting & frequency of micturition subside but amenorrhea persists. The new features appearing are:

Quickening (Feeling of life): Perception of active fetal movements, felt about at 18th week (About 2 weeks earlier in multipara)

Progressive enlargement of the lower abdomen due to growing uterus.

Other Findings:

Chloasma: Pigmentation on forehead & cheek appears in the 24th week.

Third trimester (29-40 weeks)

Subjective symptoms are:

  • Amenorrhea persists.
  • Progressive enlargement of the abdomen.
  • The frequency of micturition reappears.
  • A sense of relief of pressure symptoms (At about 38th week especially in first time pregnant women)
  • More pronounced fetal movements.

When to see a doctor if you think you are pregnant?

Every pregnant woman should be under regular and adequate antenatal care. You should visit the doctor if you think you are pregnant or urine pregnancy test is positive. As per WHO recommendation, at least 4 antenatal visits; 1st in around 16th weeks, 2nd between 24-28 weeks, 3rd visit at 32 weeks and 4th at 36 weeks recommended. An expert gynecologist is necessary to look after during this phase.


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